conflicts of the old jedi order

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First item on my agenda—to convey the following from your husband, and I quote: ‘I once broke a Princess out of prison when I was a much younger man. I’ll do so again if I have to. But I want a better reward this time.’”
And Leia started laughing. It had a hysterical edge to it, to be sure, but it was mirth all the same—light, cleansing, healing. “That’s a quote?” she said, getting her laughter under control.
Eramuth grinned. “Well,” he admitted, “I did have to remove a few, er… choice references as to where the subcommittee could put its head. But yes, that’s the important part.”
“It is,” Leia agreed. She dabbed at her eyes as best she could and took a steadying breath. “Thank you.
— Christie Golden, Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Ascension
favorite star wars books in no particular order [x]
jedi vs. sith by darko macan

Tionne Solusar by Chris Trevas

Tionne Solusar by Chris Trevas

Kit Fisto

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Kenobi excerpt #4 - Analogy of Tatooine’s Suns: Anakin & Obi-Wan.

I was reading along (top excerpt Ch. 13, pg115) and remembered the Story of the Suns as told by A’Yark the Tusken War Leader (Ch.1). I believe Obi-Wan sensed their twin fates.

Original Artwork: Kenobi by Chris Scalf.